Bring Your Own Device Wireless Access

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) wireless network extends the district's high-speed gigabit internet connection to our Faculty, Staff, and High School Students on their personal devices. Please be aware of the following:

    • The AUP is enforced on all activities that occur within the school buildings or over the district's network infrastructure, services or servers. This includes personal devices.
    • The use of the BYOD wireless network with personally owned technology is governed by one of the two policies listed below. Anyone found in violation of the applicable policy will be directed to their school building administration and may have their access to the BYOD network terminated.
    • The BYOD wireless network is filtered and monitored by the content filtering service provided by Erie 1 BOCES. All activity on the BYOD wireless network is logged and reportable against your district computer account. Do not use your computer account to connect someone else's device as their internet activity will be logged to your account.

How to Connect

    1. Connect to the EAK12 wireless network with your personal device
    2. When prompted, follow the directions for your device.

Android / Chromebook

  1. When prompted select the following options as shown below. Enter your own computer username and password (this your computer login, not your email address) in the Identity and Password fields.

iPhone / iPad / Mac OS

  1. When prompted, enter your computer username and password (this your computer login, not your email address)
  2. Follow the wizard and accept any certificate, profile or other configuration that might be necessary to complete the connection process



    1. The Technology Services Department cannot support any device that is not owned by the East Auror Union Free School District. If you experience any difficulty reaching the BYOD network on your personal device, please forget the "EAK12" network by following the links below and reconnect using the simple instructions above.
    2. If you are an employee or student of the East Aurora Union Free School District, you are not a guest. Do not connect to the district's "EAK12-Guest" wireless network. This guest network is for visitors, parent/guardians, and other community members. If you have connected to the EAK12-Guest wireless network in error, please forget the "EAK12-Guest" network from your personal device to ensure it does not attempt to auto connect to the guest network when you are in range.