Tech Support

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Create a Support Ticket

  1. Save your work and restart the computer or device.
  2. If the problem continues after a restart, please click here to create a support ticket in Freshdesk with as much detail as possible.

Help Us Help You

  • Use another computer to open a support ticket, if necessary. Please do not have someone else open a support ticket on your behalf. We need to communicate directly with you.
  • If your problem involves an error message, please enter it in the support ticket, verbatim.
  • Please let us know what you've already done to solve your current issue.

Technology Services Department

Technology Coordinator/Network Administrator

Richard Clements

(716) 687-2325

Technology Secretary

Barbra Mann

(716) 687-2402

Senior Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist

Dennis R. Hirschfelt

(716) 687-2307

Technical Support Specialist

Mary Ptak

(716) 687-2324

Technical Support Specialist

Joelle Sledz

(716) 687-2319

Erie 1 BOCES

E1B Senior Technical Consultant

Thomas Spada

(716) 687-2323

E1B Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist

Tate Wilson

(716) 687-2323