Tech Support

(716) 687-2402

Create a Support Ticket for Technology

  1. Save your work and restart the computer or device.
  2. If the problem continues after a restart, please click here to create a support ticket in Freshdesk with as much detail as possible.

Help Us Help You

  • Use another computer to open a support ticket, if necessary. Please do not have someone else open a support ticket on your behalf. We need to communicate directly with you.
  • If your problem involves an error message, please enter it in the support ticket, verbatim.
  • Please let us know what you've already done to solve your current issue.

How to use Freshdesk

If you need assistance with Freshdesk, please visit for helpful support articles on how to create and check on the status of your support tickets.

Open a Work Order for Buildings & Grounds

Please visit this page ( for more information how to open a work order with Buildings and Grounds.

Technology Services Department Staff

Technology Coordinator/Network Administrator

Richard Clements

(716) 687-2325

Technology Secretary

Barbra Mann

(716) 687-2402

Senior Systems Administrator

Dennis R. Hirschfelt

(716) 687-2307

Calendar & Availability

Technical Support Specialist

Mary Ptak

(716) 687-2324

Workstation Administrator

Joelle Sledz

(716) 687-2319

Workstation Administrator

Roxanne Perry

(716) 687-2323

Erie 1 BOCES

E1B Senior Technical Consultant

Thomas Spada

(716) 687-2323

E1B Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist

Tate Wilson

(716) 687-2323